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Thank You FCC!

                                                                                  Install a quality heat pump

                                                                                    to enjoy year round home

                                                                                comfort & savIngs!

                                                                                 Make your home cozy in the
                                                                                 winter and cool in the summer
                                                                                 with dehumidification, while
                                                                                 saving up to 70% on your
                                                                                 heating cost. Purchase is easy
                                                                                 and affordable through Nova
                                                                                 Scotia Power’s Heat pump
          Thank you to Farm Credit Canada on their generous contribution         Financing Program.
        of $500 to the River John 4-H club. They were able to purchase new       We have qualified and licensed
        t-shirts for all the members and leaders with the new crest. Thank you!
                                                                                 technicians for installations and
                                                                                 after sales service with a 10
                           The Next Pioneer                                      year parts and labour warranty

                       Ad bookings:   November 1, 2017                           on ductless heat pumps.
                       Artwork:       November 7, 2017
                       Content:       November 7, 2017
                       Distribution:   November 30, 2017                         Our goal is always to surpass your standards
                                                                                 and expectations. We believe in quality, and
                                                                                 we work hard to ensure that every customer is

                       If you build it,                                          a satisfied one.

                                                                                   We Sell, install and service our ductless
                      they will come                                                     and central heat pump systems

                                                                                                         Since 1974.

                                                                                       Call: R. H Winmill Electric Ltd today at
                                                                                  (902) 351-2660 for a free heat pump quote.

        This photo of the new dock by Dylan Langille shows 3 jet skis, 2 surf
        boards and one boat.  The riverfront is coming alive. Looking forward
        to 2018.

                                                       Sheepskins, wool blankets, yarn

                                                       knitting needles and much more!

                                                  Barn is open to see the sheep and lambs

                                                         SHOP OPEN DAILY 9AM - 5PM

                                        1389 Louisville Road, River John  (902) 351-2594 or (902) 351-2889
                                      Visit us on Facebook
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